Mitel has an Inspiring Bike to Work Team!

At 24 members and growing every day, Bike to Work Ottawa wanted to know what was happening over at the bike racks at Mitel.  Mitel had never joined the Bike to Work Month campaign even though there are quite a number of avid cyclists working there.


It started with one woman who came out to an Introduction to Commuter Cycling Workshop and learned about Bike to Work Month. We’ll call her Shirley, because that is her name!   Shirley told her colleagues and soon a small team was formed. As everyone started talking about bikes, an inspiring story surfaced.

One team member, had a serious motorcycle accident back in September 2014; it just happened to be on his birthday. After a number surgeries, the last one being only a year ago, he decided to buy a bicycle and a trainer this past winter and with few weeks of training at home he started to bike to work last month for the very first time. It was with surprise and admiration that colleagues saw John Thompson joining the team for Bike to Work Month.

“Despite freezing temperatures and limitations after the surgeries in his leg, he is a truly inspiration to us all, and made this simple act of creating this team even more meaningful.”

~ says team member Sam

We are so proud of the Mitel Team! Keep filling those bike racks!