About Us

Let’s Bike Month is an annual campaign that encourages people to try cycling as a fun and healthy transportation option. Participants in the campaign:

  • See the GHG averted by choosing to bike
  • Are eligible to win individual prizes
  • Have fun by creating a team and engaging in friendly competition
  • Have access to free tools and resources
  • Save money (if they hop out of their car)

Whether you want to try biking for the first time, use the campaign to encourage your employer to support alternative commuting options, or encourage others in your life to give it a try, Let’s Bike Month provides the resources and motivation to get folks biking!

Let’s Bike Month, an EnviroCentre initiative, is made possible with the support of local businesses, sponsors and our partnership with the City of Ottawa.

How it works

You can participate in Let’s Bike Month as an individual or be part of a team:

  • Simply sign up by creating a user name and password to access your personal profile page (don’t worry, our site is secure and no personal information is ever shared or sold).
  • Once you have registered, you can start or join a team, or participate as an individual.

From there, you will be able to:

  • Log your bike rides during the campaign
  • Track your progress and see the positive impact you are making
  • Learn how much money you have saved and pollution you have averted

During Let’s Bike Month, we also conduct random draws and give away prizes.

About EnviroCentre

Established in 1999, EnviroCentre is an Ottawa based non-profit organization that brings environmental change to life by providing people, communities and organizations with practical solutions to lighten their environmental impact in lasting ways.

With a focus on greenhouse gas reduction, we concentrate our efforts in these areas:

  1. Green Homes
  2. Green Business
  3. Green Transportation
  4. Green Lifestyle