Frequently Asked Questions

What is Let’s Bike Month?

Let’s Bike Month is an annual campaign, run by EnviroCentre in partnership with the City of Ottawa, with the goal of promoting cycling and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Who can participate?

The campaign is meant to celebrate anyone who chooses to bike! But to be eligible for a prize you must be 18 years or older and live or work in the Ottawa area.

Do I need to create a new account this year?

No! We are now keeping accounts active year over year. Just sign-in and log a ride to participate. 

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing! Zero dollars! Completely free! We just want you to ride your bike!

How do I sign up?

Go to and hit the JOIN NOW button. You will be directed to a page where you create a user name and password, fill out a few questions and voila you’ve signed up!

How do I create a team?

Once you have created your own account, log in and go to the dropdown menu, click on Create a Team and fill out the short form. Once you are on a team the Create a Team option will no longer be visible.

How do I invite people to join my team?

There are two ways to invite people to join your team:

a) After logging in, select “My Team” from the drop-down menu. Copy the link provided on your team profile page and invite your friends, family and coworkers by email.


b) Keep your team searchable by team name or workplace. 

How do I join a team?

Once you have signed up to Let’s Bike Month, click “Join a Team” in the drop-down menu, and search by team name or workplace (if your team captain has opted for this feature). 

Why should I join a team?

Teams are great to:

  • help each other find pleasant routes around the city
  • build some fun competition
  • help friends and family understand how supporting cycling benefits everyone!

How do you calculate savings for bike vs car?

We are using the CAA Drive Cost Calculator which includes depreciation, maintenance, license and registration, insurance, and average monthly car payments for a 2019 Toyota RAV 4. This works out to $0.95/km.

We would love for everyone to become “car free” but you probably still have to pay your insurance and car payments, even if you bike as well.

If you want to know JUST FUEL costs, it is currently estimated at $0.25/km.

How do you calculate the GHG savings?

The EPA estimates that 404g of CO2 are released per mile driven, which equals about 650g per km. You can find the full math here:

Oops! I made a mistake logging my bike ride – what can I do?

From the main page after logging in, select “Me”, then “My Stats”.

Under kilometres logged, click on the date/logged ride that you need to fix.

There are two options – you can either delete it entirely, or edit it. Click on which option you prefer. Edit will keep the same date but will allow you to change kilometres. Delete simply makes your entry disappear.

What are the System Requirements for using the Let’s Bike Month app?

The app will work on any recent browser. It has been tested on Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please note that it may not display well on very small screen sizes (like the iPhone 5). 

How do I install the app on my device?

If you use a non-Apple device, you will be prompted to install the application when you sign-up. If you dismissed the prompt when you signed up, you can install the app from the dropdown menu on the right, where you will find an “Install on my device” button.

If you use an Apple mobile device, you will only be able to install the app if it is running iOS 11.3 and above. To install the app simply tap the iOS iOS Action button icon icon, and then the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Contest Rules

You can read the contest rules here