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Fun facts!

Yellow Dots – The 3 yellow dots at intersections are sensors to help traffic lights know a cyclist is waiting

Bike Repairs – The City of Ottawa has free basic bike repair stations at 47 locations around the city including community centres, bike paths, and transit stations.

Cycling is healthcare: people who ride a bike report lower stress, depression and anxiety, and have lower rates of heart attack and stroke!

Almost 50% of car trips in Canada are under 5km – a distance most people can comfortably bike in about 30 minutes!

Rack and Roll – Rack and roll is now on every OC Transpo bus and available all year long! Take your ride on a field trip.

E-Bike Charging – It costs only 12 cents in electricity to charge the battery on an e-bike! Ebikes can be purchased from a variety of stores across Ottawa.